Measuring the development, participation and sustainability of campus and community radio stations

Radiometres has been created to meet both the requirements of the CRTC and the needs of campus and community radio sector. In order to do so, the CRFC has established an outcomes-based approach program. This approach is focused on funding what the stations need and then measuring how successful they were in getting there. The program is flexible when it comes to the activities that are undertaken by the station.

It began in July 2012 and since then has awarded $10.5 million for 322 projects.

November 2012: $940,895 for 56 projects
June 2013: $967,632 for 55 projects
May 2014: $1,191,676 for 37 projects
November 2014: $1,144,300 for 39 projects
May 2015: $1,998,123 for 40 projects
March 2016: $2,974,271 for 61 projects
May 2017: $1,482,751 for 34 projects