On January 1, 2018, the government of Ontario passed legislation to increase the general minimum wage from $11.60 per hour to $14 per hour. We are aware that this might have an impact on funded projects in Ontario. However the CRFC will not increase the allocated funding to a recipient to compensate this decision. Instead the CRFC invites concerned recipients to contact their program officer directly. As always and upon discussion with each station, we are open to modifying approved budget expenditures to accommodate stations.

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The CRFC is proud to present its 2016-17 annual report. The report and financial statements were unveiled at the CRFC's 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on November 3, 2017, in Ottawa. During the AGM, CRFC members elected three new board directors: Boris Chassagne, Victoria Fenner and Brenda Grunau. Two members were also re-elected. They are Monique Levesque for a two-year term and Pierre-Louis Smith for a one-year term.

With a renewed team and a strategic planning in place, the CRFC is starting the year 2017-2018 on the right foot. We hope to remain a partner of choice for both radio stations and funders.