Stations will be entitled to amounts ranging from $50,000 to $250,000

The Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) invites all Canadian community and campus radio stations to submit an application for this fifth round of funding for the Radiometres Program.

Radiometres’ main objective is to enable stations to dedicate resources to the creation of original local-interest programming, to the training and retention of their volunteers as well as to a better and healthier management of their organization.

This past year, in addition to offering eligible stations the possibility of filing a joint application, the CRFC more than doubled the amount available per station. As a result, stations will be able to ask for an amount up to $50,000 per individual application or between $110,000 and $250,000 for collaborative applications.  

“I am pleased to see that Radiometres continues to be a tangible support tool contributing to the growth of the community radio sector,” says Roger Ouellette, CRFC’s president. “By offering greater amounts, we want to give stations the means to fulfill their ambitions so that they can carry out projects that will have a lasting impact on their activities and their communities.”

Given the changes made to the program, stations are asked to read the revised guidelines and use the new form to submit their application. All Canadian campus and community stations are eligible for this round of funding.

Stations have until February 27, 2015 to submit their application.

The funding for Radiometres is provided by Canada’s private radio broadcasters through their Canadian Content Development (CCD) contributions, a funding mechanism established by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). These contributions play an important part in the growth of the Canadian radio broadcasting system’s community sector.