$3 million dedicated to the campus and community radio sector


CRFC president, Mr. Roger Ouellette, is pleased to announce the next round of funding for the Radiometres program which will provide $3 million to campus and community radio stations throughout the country. This represents an increase to the funding previously offered to stations.


“With the growing popularity of Radiometres, there was increased demand from the campus and community radios. Therefore, we decided to hold only one round of funding during the coming year, but with an increased funding envelope, to remedy this situation. The goal of this exercise is to allow a maximum number of stations to receive project funding,” points out CRFC executive director, Mr. Jean Malavoy. Stations that do not submit an application for this round will have to wait until the fall of 2016 to present a project proposal to the CRFC.


Radiometres is a flexible program that is designed to improve local programming, offer better training, supervision and retention of volunteers, and increase community engagement. These revamped outcomes are consistent with the desired impact of the funding within the sector and the needs of the CRTC and the entire Canadian radio broadcasting system.


Applicants have until October 16, 2015 to submit their funding application, up to a maximum of $50,000 per individual application or from $110,000 to $250,000 per joint application. All campus and community radio stations with a valid CRTC license are eligible for this round of funding. For more information on the program, please read the program guidelines.


New contribution management system


With this round of funding, CRFC has introduced an online contribution management system. As a result, stations will have to submit their funding application using this system accessible at www.crfc-fcrc-prog.ca.


“This new online management system is the first step in a series of initiatives that will allow the CRFC to build a solid brand, make itself known to future stakeholders and seek to always provide better service to our stations,” says CRFC president, Mr. Roger Ouellette.


The funding for Radiometres is provided by Canada’s private radio broadcasters through their Canadian Content Development (CCD) contributions, a funding mechanism established by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). These contributions will play an important part in the growth of the Canadian radio broadcasting system’s community sector.