Youth Internship Program

This program is aimed at stations that are seeking to work with young Canadians in search of mentorship, education, and/or training in broadcasting within a community-oriented radio station. Its goal is to increase station capacity and outreach through recruitment, hiring, and training of young talented radio programmers while contributing new and innovative programming to stations. The components of this program are: (a) the mentorship, education, and/or training of a youth intern(s), and (b) music or spoken word programming produced by the intern(s).

It began in February 2009 and since then has awarded $494,879 for 62 different projects and initiatives.

May 2009: $73,888 for 9 projects
May 2010: $66,473 for 8 projects
May 2011: $96,588 for 14 projects
June 2012: $142,582 for 18 projects
January 2014: $115,348 for 13 projects

Please note that this program is no longer being offered.