Our Recipients

The CRFC began distributing funding to the campus and community radio sector in May 2009. In that first year, we awarded $146,228 to 19 different stations and associations.

As of May 2017, we have awarded $12,746,895 to 132 recipients for 501 initiatives:

  • The creation and production of news shows and features as well as news department development
  • Initiatives focused on recruiting, training, and strengthening volunteers
  • Local history, arts, cultural, and youth programming projects
  • Hiring employees and interns, including news directors, reporters, program directors, and dedicated project coordinators
  • Initiatives surveying and fostering community engagement
  • Educational programming like Aboriginal Language Learning Programming Mentorship and Eduradio
  • Initiatives surveying and fostering community engagement
  • Focused programming that reflects the local community itself, such as Radio-réalité and LaSalle, ma ville, mon histoire!
  • Projects focused on using new technologies, new media, and social media
  • Investigative and in-depth documentaries like Below the Line: Stories of Poverty and Struggle, Culture rurale, and The Boat People: Refugee Laws, Human Smuggling and a History of Boat Migrants in Atlantic Canada