Review Process

Each program has its own eligibility criteria, primarily based on types of projects, activities, and/or expenses. Applications are judged on their merit, subject to the availability of funds, by an independant selection committee.

Each application submitted under the Radiometres program will be assessed by applying scores in the following areas:

  • The value, relevance, and strength of the application in relation to the results of the program as well as Canadian Content Development (CCD) objectives;
  • The originality and the innovative elements of the application;
  • The impact of the project on the station and its listeners;
  • The quality and measurability of the proposed goals of the project;
  • The quality of the proposed activities;
  • A realistic budget and timeline;
  • The capacity of the station to manage the project, budget, and timeline;
  • The financial needs of the station. 


Selection Committee

You want to have your say on the project selection? You want to bring your knowledge and experience to the CRFC team? You want to be part of the next selection committees? You can do it!

Simply send a letter of interest stating why you would be a good candidate along with your resume at the following email address: [email protected].

Jurors must fulfill the following criterias:  

  • Be bilingual;
  • Be familiar with the campus and community radio sector;
  • Not be currently associated with any potential recipient (a licensed campus or community radio station in Canada or any representative association of these stations). “Associated with” in this regard includes both paid and unpaid (i.e. volunteer) employment. As well, an individual participating on the selection committee may not be a director or an officer of these entities;
  • Be able to participate in person to a final one-day meeting in Ottawa to share findings, discuss applications, deliberate and make final recommendations.