I've just submitted a funding application. How long will I have to wait before receiving an answer?

Our goal is to issue a written notification of the funding decision within 3 to 4 months of the program’s application deadline date.


Who is selecting the funded projects?

An independant selection committee composed of three (3) members who are not member of a board of directors, employee, officer or active volunteer of a potential recipient or a member of the Board or employee of the CRFC makes the funding decisions. These decisions are then approved by the Program Committee of the CRFC and ratified by the Board of Directors.


What should a recipient expect after the approval of their project?

The CRFC will enter into a funding agreement with successful applicants that outlines the terms, responsibilities, approved activities and expenses, and reporting mechanisms of both parties. The agreement will also outline the expected results of the funding contribution along with measurable performance targets for the project. The project will be monitored to ensure that funds are spent in accordance with the agreement. The project will also be assessed to ensure that it effectively achieved the planned objectives. In addition, all recipients are required to submit at least one report on the project.


What should a recipient do if the funded project is not going according to plans or if the recipient wants to make changes to the project?

During the funding period, recipients should immediately contact the CRFC in the event of any changes to the project, as described in the funding agreement (content, staff, budget, schedule, etc.). The CRFC will be able to offer support and provide guidance to recipients throughout the project.


Why is the CRFC using a results-based approach to allocate funding and assess the funded projects?

The outcomes-based approach focuses on specific measurable outcomes. The establishment of services or programming by recipients will not alone define the success of the project. Rather, all program recipients will be required to provide specific metrics on which their projects will be evaluated. These metrics will include the changes and future situation that a station and community expect to achieve as a result of the funded activity. This method is also flexible enough to allow the funding of a variety of station activities. It provides the best balance between meeting the needs of the sector and of the CRTC.

The outcomes-based approach can be applied to meet the needs of any funder. It allows the CRFC to:

  • Adapt to the requirements of funders and other external stakeholders
  • Measure the short-term changes within the sector, whether they be successes or challenges
  • Adapt to the needs of the sector
  • Measure the impact of its funding over time


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