Available Programs

The CRFC currently offers two funding programs to campus and community radio stations: Radiometres and Youth on Air!

In addition to falling under several of the CRFC’s program priority areas, the CRFC's programs aim to achieve the CRTC's objectives related to the development of Canadian content. And so, funding must be dedicated to volunteerism, programming and community participation. Funded projects must include direct expenses that are allocated to the support, promotion, training, and development of Canadian music, spoken word, and journalistic talent.

Funding is available to not-for-profit stations who hold a CRTC-issued campus, community-based campus, campus instructional, or community radio broadcasting licence in Canada. Funding distributed under the programs is provided by Canada’s commercial radiobroadcasters through a portion of their Canadian Content Development (CCD) contributions.


1. Radiometres: Measuring the development, participation and sustainability of campus and community radio stations

Radiometres has been created to meet both the requirements of the CRTC and the needs of campus and community radio sector. In order to do so, the CRFC has established an outcomes-based approach program. This approach is focused on funding what the stations need and then measuring how successful they were in getting there. The program is flexible when it comes to the activities that are undertaken by the station.

The three outcomes of the program are: (1) improved local programming (music and/or spoken word); (2) better training, supervision and retention of volunteers; and (3) increased community engagement.

Deadline: Program closed. No new funding applications can be accepted.


2. Youth on Air!

Youth on Air! is a continuation of the first two programs offered by the CRFC (between 2008 and 2014): the Radio Talent Development Program and the Youth Internship Program. This pilot program will offer youth a unique radio experience by means of training grants. Moreover, it is geared towards campus and community radios interested in working with young Canadians in search of training, education, and mentorship opportunities. The program’s goal is to foster radio talent and, consequently, strengthen stations’ capacities and productivity.

Deadline: Program closed for 2016-2017. No new funding applications can be accepted.