Our Funding Approach

In 2010, the CRFC began using an outcomes-based approach to funding and evaluation. It focuses on specific measurable outcomes.

So, for our stations, success is not simply defined a random CRFC program deliverable, like creating a new program or producing a training manual. Instead, the approach allows stations to look at their own goals and apply for funding for carrying out the activities needed to reach those goals. They also propose their own metrics -- their own way of measuring the results. It is these measurements that the CRFC examines and evaluates.

Under this approach, the CRFC and our funders can assess the success of funding through concrete means, and measure changes in the short, intermediate, and long term. Planning, monitoring, and evaluating are based on expected and attained measurable results.

This method is also flexible enough to allow the funding of a variety of station activities.

For the CRFC, it means that we can:

  • adapt to the requirements of our funders and other external stakeholders;
  • measure the short-term changes within the sector, whether they be successes or challenges;
  • adapt to the needs of the sector; and
  • measure the impact of our funding over time

This approach provides the best balance between meeting the needs of the sector and its supporters.