Our Private Broadcasting Partners

Basic Annual Contributions to Canadian Content Development (CCD)

Total contributions to date: $610,597

All commercial radio and satellite broadcasters make annual financial commitments to CCD. Following the release of the 2010 Campus and Community Radio Policy (and a subsequent approval of the CRFC’s Structural and Operational Plan in 2011), all commercial broadcasters with revenues above $1,250,000 contribute at least 15% of their contributions to the CRFC. Additionally, following its licence renewal in November 2012, Sirius XM Canada is contributing at least 5% of its annual contributions to CCD to the CRFC.

Information and invoicing form for broadcasters


Tangible Benefits related to Contributions to CCD

Total commitments to date: $4,983,942

When there is a transfer of ownership or control of commercial radio undertakings, the CRFC receives tangible benefits amounting to at least 0.5% of the value of the transaction. The following broadcasters and service providers have contributed both mandatory and voluntary tangible benefits.