The Community Radio Fund of Canada (CRFC) is pleased to announce that funding will be awarded to 38 campus and community stations from coast to coast

Through Radiometres, the annual funding program of CRFC, the organization will invest $1,736,758 in the campus and community radio sector to enable 38 stations to undertake enriching projects that will inform and mobilize communities across the country.

Once again, stations proposed innovative, unifying and vital projects, ranging from the creation of a news service, to the production of podcasts and collective forums, to the promotion of local services and organizations.

"This project will enable CHOQ 105.1 FM to better meet the need for information and changing media consumption patterns of Franco-Torontonians. By funding the production of forums dealing with current and societal issues, the CRFC's contribution will enhance the content of our spoken-word programming and encourage the participation of our community, as well as allow an increased presence on various broadcasting platforms," says Zaahirah Atchia, station manager of CHOQ-FM, Toronto's French-language community radio station.

Youth holds a prominent place in the project proposals submitted this year, thus ensuring the continuity of the radio broadcasting sector. The CRFC will fund the production of several programs made by and for youths as well as various radio training camps. In this regard, Jesse Woodward, Executive Coordinator at CHLY-FM in Nanaimo, BC, says: "A workshop coordinator to train volunteer skills is key to our mandate to educate and I'm thrilled that we've been funded to run our summer radio camp for kids! CHLY wouldn't be able to run this program without our grant from the CRFC!"

The CRFC is pleased to provide financial support to stations in fulfilling their mandate. The complete list of projects selected can be found here.

The CRFC is the only organization mandated to provide funding to over 180 campus and community radio stations across the country. The purpose of the funding distributed by the CRFC is to strengthen local news and community programming, promote local music and emerging artists, foster the emergence of distribution technologies, and ensure that community radio stations are operational and sustainable.

The Radiometres program is the cornerstone of the funding provided by the CRFC. It aims to increase the production of local content and to facilitate the access of the community to the airwaves. Since 2012, the CRFC has provided funding to 124 stations for the completion of 360 projects through its Radiometres program, representing an investment of more than $12 million in the campus and community radio sector.

Radiometres is made possible through financial contributions from Canada's private broadcasters to support the development of Canadian content in accordance with the funding mechanism established by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). The CRFC would like to thank them and highlight their contributions.

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