We are pleased to announce the nomination of Camille Noël as our program officer. Camille will be in charge of the administration of the CRFC funding programs. She will be working with the entire campus and community radio sector, both applicants and recipients, to answer questions, give feedback on applications and monitor funded projects. With a strong background in project management, Camille will be able to ensure that projects stay on track and are successful.


Camille holds a bachelor's degree in public affairs and international relations as well as a master's degree in project management. She was recently working as an assistant project manager in an international cooperation organisation that focuses its efforts on child protection. She also attended a training in India focusing on community development, which helped her understand the importance of consultation and community involvement in a project success.

Camille is very interested in studying the impact of projects funded by the CRFC and wants to learn more about the exciting world of community radio!

Do not hesitate to contact our new program officer. She will be pleased to discuss with you and answer all of your questions.

Please join us in offering a warm welcome to Camille!


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